Webflow or Bubble?

If starting a new project, what factors (other than cost) determine if you should use Webflow or Bubble to build the project?

To set the background: I am new to ‘no-code’. This information is based on a course I just completed from Stanford University called CS 71 Build Applications Without Programming: The No-Code Revolution. I am not promoting anything just want to convey useful information…I hope.

I’ll rephrase your question to the broader, what app(s) is best for a given project?

One way to approach answering the question is to leverage the classic Module-view-controller approach. This breaks down a project by layers:

  • Presentation Layer/View
  • Control Logic
  • Database

As you look at no-code apps you discover that each focuses on one or more of these layers. The following is a snap shot that includes webflow and bubble.

bubble provides end-to-end coverage for a project while webflow focuses on the ‘view’. With webflow you will need to integrate with other apps to complete a project. This is all very doable.

Some other questions to think about are:

  • What is most important to your project? Is it the presentation and content? Data collection & manipulation? Or perhaps the project requires a lot of interaction with users and perhaps other views?
  • Are you creating a quick prototype or end product?
  • How reliable and supported are the app(s) being considered?

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to help with your decision.