Episode 10: Zapier vs. Integromat vs. Parabola

In this episode we talk about three popular automation tools that no-code makers use and compare their pros and cons.

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Thanks for sharing this and talking about Integromat. I head Growth at Integromat and the conversation was really useful/insightful for me.

Regarding the point about Integromat not fetching form submissions automatically, I’d just like to mention that this is only the case with Instant triggers. Instant triggers are like webhooks and therefore a lot more flexible and cost efficient too. Zapier doesn’t have an instant trigger for Webflow forms and is therefore able to fetch past form submissions.

Happy to answer any other questions you guys might have!

Thanks for listening, @arpitc!! Great points!

But to clarify, Zapier does have an instant trigger for Webflow forms! :smiley: I use it quite often. You can see it here:

Also, I think how they do this is, when you’re using an instant zap they make a call to list the most recent order or form submission and then use that data to test your workflow. If there is no recent order or form submission, you have to make a purchase or submit the form one time. It would be cool if Integromat worked in this same sort of functionality!

It was really good connecting last week and let the team know we love the work you are all doing!

Thanks Riley! Ben did clarify that when we spoke and I have relayed the feedback to the team.