Episode 2: Building a Blog with No Code (Pt. 2)

In this episode, we jump into the weeds of building a blog using Webflow. We cover adding commenting systems, and replace Wordpress plugins. We also cover the differences between Squarespace and Wordpress as well.

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Loved this episode! I am also not an authority on SEO, but I think Wordpress SEO plugins (like Yoast) can give people a false sense of accomplishment. Those plugins are meant to help you make sure you’re using keywords, set meta descriptions, etc., but the real magic comes from your ability to provide helpful content that your audience needs or wants.

When Yoast gives you the green light, you may still have work to do to get your site to rank. I’ll be honest, I thought Yoast was an SEO booster (which doesn’t exist) when I first installed it on Wordpress. But like most tools, it’s more about the person using it than the tool itself.

Great episode! Looking forward to next week.


Thanks so much for the kind words, @parker! I really appreciate it!

I totally agree. They’re all tools and I think you get out of them what you put into it! I think people stick with Yoast and Wordpress to a degree because it’s what they feel comfortable with. :smiley:

If people give Webflow the chance, I think they’ll see the power that comes with it! :muscle: