Episode 49: The no-code tools we’re most excited to try

In this episode, we cover everything that’s new in no-code. Then, we dive into a conversation about the no-code tools that are most exciting to us and that we’re looking forward to diving into.

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Thanks for a great episode. I’m also happy to share the no-code tool that my team is building. It’s micro-automation Suite that allows to do newsletter distribution, sms notifications and smart notifications. Feel free to check more here https://www.processica.com/no-code-applications

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Love this!! Thanks so much for sharing @Helen! I’m going to check it out!

Great episode guys - thanks!

Have you come across Linx (https://linx.software ?

Strictly not no-code (you need to be grounded in programming knowledge) but an incredible useful tool and easy way to build and host backends - automation, APIs and integrations, particularly if you need more than off-the-shelf solutions.

Thanks so much, @ant99! Appreciate the kind words. I haven’t seen this one before, but I’m adding it to my list of apps to review! :smiley:

Thank Riley - let me know if you need a walk around… :slight_smile: